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About Me


There is something intangible about cinema, a medium that simultaneously transports us to another reality and yet reflects our own back to us—a mirror one can step through. Inside, along with the comforts of escape, we can often find those fragments of ourselves left unknown, unacknowledged, and perhaps even unwanted.


I believe these pieces are essential to forming a complex and sincere understanding of who we are, and I think the immersion of cinema offers the unique, and yet ironic, possibility of uncovering truths of reality through a distant yet immediate non-reality. As a filmmaker and artist, I am compelled by this paradox—that I may step into a portal that at once spirals both away from and toward myself.

"The prospect of a clearer and freer way of living has always been held out to me in art and literature. It must exist. Somewhere. [...] There's an abyss in reverse and one falls upwards." - Sven Lindqvist

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